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Every client has a unique set of physical conditions & requirements.

Your body changes every day.  Accordingly, you tend to have a different set of concerns & goals to achieve for every visit ("Your Intention").

Our Services 

Full-Custom Massage: $95/ 60 min; $140/ 90 min
Advanced Cupping Therapy:  $110/ 60 min; $170/ 90 min
Structural Bodywork:
$115/ 60 min; $180/ 90 min

Our session: It’s a co-creative experience.

1. Consultation & assessment
Based on Your Intention of the day, your therapist assesses your condition.  You and the therapist mutually determine the goal of your session, and the therapist customizes the session utilizing the most suitable techniques.

2. Interactive session
The therapist checks with you to ensure that the techniques and pressure are appropriate & comfortable.  Please feel free to communicate with the therapist about your thoughts, concerns and questions regarding the session.

3. End of session
You and the therapist discuss their findings, plans and homework.


Full-Custom Massage

Your therapist will select and combine suitable massage modalities and techniques  (Signature Blend of Techniques) based on your goals and body condition ("Your Intention" for the session).  This is a good way to sample our techniques to decide which ones you like better.  We recommend you try Full-Custom Massage for the first session before opting for Advanced Cupping Therapy or Structural Bodywork, as many clients have found this to be rather unique and quite satisfactory.

Advanced Cupping Therapy

This service is an upgrade of and includes Full-custom Massage.  Adv. Cupping Therapy is also a full-custom service -- depending on the condition of the body and the goals of the client, the content of each session varies significantly.  Cupping is known for the dark (and some say "unsightly") cupping marks. Generally, there is no absolute need to make such dark cupping marks to achieve most of the goals.  While they usually dissipate over several days to 2 weeks, we can also pick & choose strategy and techniques to avoid making cupping marks (if so desired). 

Cupping therapy is not only effective, but also extremely versatile.  It can induce deep relaxation by working on the autonomic nervous system, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, soften hard "knots" or accumulated scar tissues, reduce stubborn tightness & pain. It can also help reduce edema and inflammation, reduce joint pain, improve joint range of motion, among other things. 

We utilize a variety of techniques during cupping, such as stationary cupping, suction & release, flash cupping, cupping massage, dynamic cupping, MediCupping,etc.  We have many different kinds of cupping cups (such as Baguanfa, Kangzhu, magnetic, silicon, facial, machine), and we select the right combination of techniques and cup types depending on our intention & focus of the session, the location of the treatment and the condition of the target tissue.  Some techniques involve strong suction by their own nature and other techniques may require your active participation, while you will stay passive with many of the techniques.  Still other techniques (such as facial cupping) are so sedating due to light suction with soothing vibration that clients seem inevitably go to the la-la-land.   

Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork is also an upgrade of Full-custom massage.  This is the ultimate therapeutic work you will get at Healing Energy & Body Works, and the therapist will use any techniques available for Full-custom Massage, Advanced Cupping Therapy and Structural Bodywork in order to achieve the optimal results.  Most likely, the client will experience some Structural Integration-based work (Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Maupin-style Structural Integration) and probably some joint capsular work, and some relaxing therapeutic massage to work with various body systems.   

If deemed necessary or helpful, kinesiology taping may be applied at the end of a Structural Bodywork session.  This way, the client's body will continue to receive the helpful input after leaving the treatment room.  Please inquire.  

What is your intention?  Which service to choose

Full-Custom Massage:  It's not a typical massage.

Your intention Description of Full-Custom Massage

‚ÄčSerenity (Relaxation)

A relaxing, light to medium pressure massage.  Combination of long & slow soothing strokes reminds you of Hawaiian massage.  Scalp, neck & hand massage gently induces relaxation, quiets your mind chatters, helps reduce muscular discomfort, improves circulation, and refreshes your body.  Essential oils available upon request. 
Relaxing Therapeutic Suitable for anyone who wants to relax but also has some (or pretty bad) soreness, tightness, discomfort or pain.  You will be pleasantly surprised how Signature Blend of Techniques can effectively take care of the pain & tightness while you remain relaxed.  


A therapeutic and relaxing massage that focuses
on the special needs of the  
mom-to-be.  Enhances the muscle and joint functions, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.  Miss lying face down? Our pregnancy massage cushion has a very deep cavity to accommodate soon-to-be-mom tummies for the face down position.

Sports Have you really paid attention to what kind of movements in your favorite sport (or training) are causing the pain? Have you thought about the relationship between overuse, mechanism of pain-spasm-pain, compensation and posture? Let's get to the bottom of it and address your chronic pain from there.  Addresses muscle tension imbalance for injury prevention and speedy recovery.  Expect some deep tissue work and stretching.  Please bring sports bra (ladies) and shorts.


Advanced Cupping Therapy:  More than just a massage.

Your Intention Examples of Advanced Cupping Therapy application
Stubborn Pain & Tightness

From accident, injuries, illness, stress, daily activities, work, hobbies, driving, posture, repetitive motion and whatever else that might cause such a condition.  There is no need for a therapeutic massage to be painful to effectively remove such pain or tightness.  If you had had a painful "therapeutic massage" experience, try this!

Scar Tissue Release & Pain Relief MediCupping and MPS therapy help sedate and balance the nervous system, clear stagnation, reduce muscle & joint pain, and break down scar tissue created by physical/mental stress, injuries and surgeries.  For a sample of Plantar Fasciitis MediCupping work, click here.  Click here for an abdominal work demo. 
Detox & Relaxation

Lymphatic Drainage: MediCupping gently helps drain the lymph, excess fluid with metabolic waste, pathogens & toxins.  It helps the circulatory system deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to chronically tight & deprived areas. Also suitable for people who have edema due to surgery or otherwise and/or who are not strong enough to receive medium to deep pressure.

TMJ & Headaches Cranial & Neck Focused Work: Geo-thermal, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial  techniques selectively combined can work wonders on the tight muscles on your head, neck, shoulders & jaw. 
Facial rejuvenation & Detox Facial MediCupping: Gentle suction & release techniques lifts the tension from your face, neck & jaw.  Helps increase circulation and production of collagen & elastin, and helps improve skin tone & clarity.


Structural Bodywork: It's a whole another level of experience.

Your Intention Examples of Structural Bodywork application
Persistent pain & Joint issues Ultimate Therapeutic: Using Structural Integration approaches, myofascial techniques & joint capsular work, we will address chronically tight muscles.  Great for frozen shoulders, issues with neck, hip, knee & any other joint.  This co-creative, pain-free experience calls for your active participation.  
I am game for anything that takes care of this pain!! A client called this, "Nuclear weapon of bodywork."   Works great for persistent pain.  Starting with the superficial fascia, this session will go into the deepest layer of muscles. Requires active participation of client. Perfect for people used to "deep tissue work" and want more.  Expect some discomfort and being stepped on (per Rossiter/Adaptive Bodywork techniques).  Click here for a brief demo of Adaptive Bodywork.

Prices may change without notice.  Please inquire.


MediCupping Machine

MediCupping Machine: enhances accuracy & effectiveness of VacuTherapies


Energy Work: From $100/session 

 Your Intention Description
Something other than Massage, Cupping or Bodywork Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Believing that illness is a state of imbalance in the body and that when we activate a state of balance the illness naturally will fade away? This energy work modality directly taps into the intelligence that enables the body to self-heal.  Please ask for details. 

 And more...  (We are always improving our menu.) 
The prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm before your first appointment.


Signature Blend of Techniques

Included in our Massage & Bodywork, our signature blend of techniques takes advantage of body's mechanism in delivering relaxation and reducing pain.  Effective combination will be customized for each client.  By the end of a session, you will notice that the pain that was prominent prior to the session has significantly reduced and that the range of motion has noticeably increased.  



(Hot & Cold stone) therapy

Deeply relaxing.  Effectively loosens chronically tight muscles.  Helps increase circulation, decrease tension & tissue stiffness, break down scar tissues, improve range of motion, increase metabolism, balance the autonomic nervous system.  For demo video of LaStone techniques, click here and here.

Myofascial Release

We believe that release of fascia is the key to pain management and attainment of equilibrium in the body.  With application of heat and sustained pressure, you will feel the tension melt away and the target tissue regain flexibility& resilience.

VacuTherapies (Cupping therapy)

Negative pressure loosens fascia, improves circulation, sedates the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain, and engages the endocrine system.  Also encourages collagen & elastin production, improving skin tone and clarity.  We can avoid making cupping marks if you so desire.  For demo video of cupping techniques, click here (neck work) and here (feet).

Structural integration techniques

Logical approach to address the root causes of chronic pain and muscle tightness.  Client’s participation is required during the session.  An eye-opener to people used to passive deep tissue massage. For a sample of how to treat a frozen shoulder, click here.

Thai/Yoga/Shiatsu work

Sakura’s unique combination of Thai massage, Shiatsu (Japanese massage) and Yoga body mechanics.  Involves slow, deep & sustained pressure with stretching, which elite athletes and people who love deep pressure find satisfying.

Cranial Sacral therapy

A gentle and relaxing technique to relieve pain and dysfunction by working on the cerebrospinal fluid and the central nervous system.  Induces a profound sensation of relaxation that you may find intriguing and do not wish to come out of.



Advanced Cupping Therapy$110 / 60 minutes
Advanced Cupping Therapy$170 / 90 minutes
Full-custom Massage$95 / 60 minutes
Full-custom Massage$140 / 90 minutes
Structural Bodywork$115 / 60 minutes
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