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Full-custom massage & bodywork 

We select and combine suitable massage modalities and techniques based on your intention and body condition. Our Massage & Bodywork comes with Signature Blend of Techniques.

Your intention Description of service Price
Relaxing Therapeutic Suitable for anyone who wants to relax but also has some soreness, tightness, discomfort or pain from accident, injuries, illness, stress, daily activities, work, hobbies, driving, posture, repetitive motion and whatever else that might cause such a condition.    

$75/60 min.

$110/90 min.

$145/120 min.

Active Life Designed to enhance athletic performance (of elite athletes and weekend warriors), it focuses on muscle reconditioning, reduction of stress on the body, injury treatment and speedy recovery from vigorous training.  It reduces soreness or tightness in the muscles that were overused during the workout.  Expect some pain-free deep tissue work and stretching.  


A therapeutic and relaxing massage that focuses on the special needs of the
mom-to-be.  Enhances the muscle and joint functions, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.  Miss lying face down? Our pregnancy massage cushion has a very deep cavity to accommodate soon-to-be-mom tummies for the face down position.

Serenity A relaxing, light to medium pressure massage.  Combination of long & slow soothing strokes, scalp, neck & hand massage gently induces relaxation, quiets your mind chatters, helps reduce muscular discomfort, improves circulation, and refreshes your body.  
Absolutely therapeutic & 
Athletic performance enhancement

Integrated Manual Therapy/ Rolfing-inspired bodywork/ VacuTherapy  
If you suffer from joint capsule issues, such as frozen shoulder, chronic hip joint pain, persisting neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, this is the one you want.  Also for tennis & golf elbows and runner's knee & shin splints.  Trying to improve athletic performance? -- try this. Combining functional assessment for specific conditions, we will formulate a unique treatment plan for you.  You will actively engage in this co-creative, pain-free, self-healing process.  Click here for a demo. 


Detox, Cleanse & Tighten MediCupping/ Body Contouring & Wrap 
Our MediCupping machine applies soothing cupping techniques to unclog lymph nodes, stimulate lymph drainage and stimulate circulation in order to prepare your body.  In addition, an area-specific wrap will be applied to that part of your body that you would like to see change.  While you wait for the skin to absorb the all-natural botanical ingredients, we will massage the rest of your body. This treatment is a 4-wrap program. 
$25/sheet of wrap
Therepeutic, Rejuvenate & Relax MediCupping/ Neck, Shoulder & Facial Massage 
Suction & release tecchnique is gently applied to your face, neck, décolleté areas.  Great for tension headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, neck and shoulder pain.  Rejuvenates your skin, as it increases circulation and production of collagen & elastin, and improves skin tone and clarity. Click here for a facial (and abdominal) cupping demo.


Drain & Relax
MediCupping/ Lymphatic Drainage  
MediCupping machine gently and effectively drains the lymph, excess fluid, waste, pathogens, toxins, etc. from various parts of your body.  Helps the circulatory system deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to chronically tight areas.  Also suitable for people who have edema due to surgery or otherwise and/or who are not strong enough to receive medium to deep pressure.


Scar tissue release,
Pre- & post- surgery
MediCupping/ Therapeutic Massage 
MediCupping machine's precise & rhythmic suction creates space in the tissue, loosens adhesions, clears stagnation, and sedates the nervous system.  Helps break down scar tissue created by physical and mental stress, injuries & surgeries.  For sample of Plantar Fasciitis work, click here.  Click here for an abdominal work demo. 


I still believe in no pain, no gain! Adaptive Bodywork/ Rossiter System  
Nicknamed "Nuclear weapon of bodywork", it works great for carpal tunnel syndrome and other stubborn and painful conditions.  Deep work requiring active participation of client.  Perfect for people used to "deep tissue work" and want more.  Expect some discomfort.  Click here for a brief demo.


Please inquire for special promotions.


Body Contouring Wrap: amazing results

MediCupping Machine

MediCupping Machine: enhances accuracy & effectiveness of VacuTherapies


Energy Work 

Something other than Massage or Bodywork 

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Believing that illness is a state of imbalance in the body and that when we activate a state of balance the illness naturally will fade away? This energy work modality directly taps into the intelligence that enables the body to self-heal.  Please ask for details. 


 And more...  (We are always improving our menu. Please inquire.) 
The prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm before your first appointment.


Signature Blend of Techniques

Included in our Massage & Bodywork, our signature blend of techniques takes advantage of body's mechanism in delivering relaxation and reducing pain.  Effective combination will be customized for each client.  By the end of a session, you will notice that the pain that was prominent prior to the session has significantly reduced and that the range of motion has noticeably increased.  



(Hot & Cold stone) therapy

Deeply relaxing.  Effectively loosens chronically tight muscles.  Helps increase circulation, decrease tension & tissue stiffness, break down scar tissues, improve range of motion, increase metabolism, balance the autonomic nervous system.  For demo video of LaStone techniques, click here and here.

Myofascial Release

We believe that release of fascia is the key to pain management and attainment of equilibrium in the body.  With application of heat and sustained pressure, you will feel the tension melt away and the target tissue regain flexibility& resilience.

VacuTherapies (Cupping therapy)

Negative pressure loosens fascia, improves circulation, sedates the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain, and engages the endocrine system.  Also encourages collagen & elastin production, improving skin tone and clarity.  We can avoid making cupping marks if you so desire.  For demo video of cupping techniques, click here (neck work) and here (feet).

Structural integration techniques

Logical approach to address the root causes of chronic pain and muscle tightness.  Client’s participation is required during the session.  An eye-opener to people used to passive deep tissue massage. For a sample of how to treat a frozen shoulder, click here.

Thai/Yoga/Shiatsu work

Sakura’s unique combination of Thai massage, Shiatsu (Japanese massage) and Yoga body mechanics.  Involves slow, deep & sustained pressure with stretching, which elite athletes and people who love deep pressure find satisfying.

Cranial Sacral therapy

A gentle and relaxing technique to relieve pain and dysfunction by working on the cerebrospinal fluid and the central nervous system.  Induces a profound sensation of relaxation that you may find intriguing and do not wish to come out of.



Bodywork$75 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$85 / 60 minutes
Energy Work$120 / 60 minutes
Facial Cupping Massage$45 / 30 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$75 / 60 minutes
Integrative Manual Therapy$85 / 60 minutes
Lymph Drainage$85 / 60 minutes
Myofascial Release$75 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Rolfing-inspired bodywork$75 / 60 minutes
Spa Massage$85 / 60 minutes
Sports Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Thai/Yoga/Shiatsu massage$75 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Vacuum Cupping$75 / 60 minutes
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