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- "I have worked with over 150 therapists over the past 28 years of practicing physical therapy.  Sakura has an innate talent and creative methods that accomplishes the client's goals and her objectives.  I appreciate the breadth of her knowledge and application of the many methods available at her fingertips.  As petite as she is, Sakura is able to harness her energy efficiently and effectively.  I especially enjoy the way she cradles each body part utilizing more than just her hands, creating a nurturing, caring and comforting atmosphere.  I tolerate a super deep massage, and Sakura is able to render deep technique that is therapeutic, not irritating.  She is an incredible massage therapist." ~ Barry W., Huntington Beach, CA

-"If you are looking for an exceptional skilled massage therapist, then you must make an appointment to see Sakura! Once I returned from Sedona last November and experienced a cupping massage I was on a mission to find someone in Orange County who could replicate this very therapeutic massage.  Due to me having a chronic condition, pain is an everyday reminder of the condition, constant hip and back stiffness and aches.  To my relief, I found Sakura's website and noticed all the different types of techniques listed on her portfolio, not only cupping therapy, myofascial release, hot-stone, cranial sacral therapy and host of other techniques and each one of these has helped me manage pain.  She is so knowledgeable and professional, the ambiance is quiet and relaxing and most important she cares about your overall well-being....Sakura has a gift and I am very fortunate to be able to become a regular client! Do not hesitate and do not look anywhere else, you will be SATISFIED!" ~ Sheri H., Fountain Valley, CA

- "I want to thank Sakura for being such a dedicated professional, and taking her therapy so seriously. I've been getting massaged from Sakura going on almost 5 years. Sakura is very energetic and knowledgeable. I've always let her decide what treatment best suits me and she's always on target. I've recently been receiving her pregnancy massage. I am currently 8 months and have seen her my whole pregnancy. With my growing belly it's very challenging so get a normal message, but Sakura has managed to make my experience amazing. Not only does she know how to give a safe prenatal massage but she also has the proper equipment necessary. My pregnancy has been very comfortable with minimal aches and pains due to my weekly massages. I recommend everyone in any pain level to Sakura." ~ Ray G., Long Beach, CA

- "Sakura is very professional and caring.  She knows how to do a LOT of different kinds of techniques and treatments.  She has worked on me too many times to recall but always goes out of her to way to be accommodating.  She never balks at my special requests and always seems to make time to see me, even when I have called her last minute.  She is kind, she is knowledgeable, she is courteous...oh, and she is STRONG. I absolutely recommend her." ~ Emily C., Long Beach, CA

- "Absolutely best massage ever!  Pleasant, wonderful & best part of my vacation.  Wish she lived in Dallas, where I am." ~ Don K., from TX.

- "Wonderful massage!  The neck stretches were an amazing surprise!  Very thorough!  Very professional!  The best massage I have ever had.  Thank you" ~ Michael B, Physician

- "Sakura is the best. Friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable in the art of healing. I have been to Sukura many times and never have been disappointed. She takes the time to listen to your ailments. She always explains what she is going to do to remedy your aches and pains. She is very dedicated and she loves what she does and it shows. She has many healing options to suit your needs. She truly is the best." Chris S., Costa Mesa, CA

- "Was always concerned about getting a massage on vacation, since I won't see the therapist again, it always was a mediocre massage.  But not today.  Sakura was fabulous, she listened & attended to all of my aches & needs.  She is great!  I would certainly return if I lived here." ~ JoAnn F., from TX.

- "Sakura does amazing, amazing therapeutic work. She's fixed more than one problem with my shoulders and back, and her prices are more than reasonable for the care and quality of service she provides. If you're looking for someone for relaxation or exercise therapy massage, look no further." ~ Kasey K., Huntington Beach, CA

- "My mother felt a lot better after your second treatment.  We had a safe flight home. Just a little pain remained. Hopefully, she continues to improve.  My mother told me that you were worth your weight in GOLD.  She said that you tried everything in your power to make her feel better and for that I am grateful.  You are a special person and I pray that God blesses you and allows you to use the gift he has given you to heal many more people!  We will not forget you!" ~ Judy Y., Margie's daughter (Margie had a severe, lingering sciatica pain shooting down to her foot for the last 2 months, and she was seeing a chiropractor.  She came to our spa during her vacation from Texas.  She wanted to reduce the pain as much as possible before the long flight back.  After the first 50-minute massage, she felt great but the pain came back stronger that night.  So, we worked to minimize pain without compromising the effect of massage hours before her departure. Judy's message was in response to my follow-up inquiry.  Thank you for taking time to reply to me, and with such kind words!)

- "I have traveled to Europe quite a bit and received many massages...  But yours is by far the best.  We'd be on a mission to find someone like you in Austin, TX." ~ Susan W.  (After having a 60-minute massage one day and an 80-minute massage the following day)

- "Loved cupping & stone therapy combo.  You'd be my souvenir." ~ Debbie W.

- "Outstanding!!  Next time, 1 hour, please!" ~ Jack D. (After a 30-minute session of mini-Thai & Shiatsu on calves, hamstrings, low back & glutes.)

- "I have had so many massages, but this was the best massage in my life." ~ Lynn G.

- "Thank you, Sakura.  I get a lot of massage.  But your technique was very special and effective.  I feel relaxed and energized.  I hope to see you again. ~ Doug C.

- "I wish I could have you go on all day!" ~ Mark S. (After an 80-minute massage)

- "Amazing massage!  Relaxing AND therapeutic! Very calming energy.  :-)  Thank you!" ~ Jennie R.

- "Most amazing massage!  Oh my god -- all of her techniques were original & personalized for me.  I absolutely want to come back for her massage!  The walking elepahant & hot stones were wonderful." ~ Ashley R. 

- "You'll want to take her home with you." ~ Alice J. to her sister who was waiting for her turn

- "She's my souvenir." ~ Betsy J.

- "Sakura is a superb massage therapist!  Her knowledge is impeccable in this field, she is able to pinpoint the problem areas and applies techniques that will provide relief and comfort.  Her professionalism and caring spirit is captivating, she displays a comfortable presence and  ambiance. She is knowledgeable with cupping, hot stone, myofascial, and many other techniques. I'll give Sakura an A+ plus without hesitation and highly recommend her!.  I became a regular client instantly because I felt I'll always feel better once I've seen Sakura!" ~ Sheri H., Fountain Valley, CA

- "Where were you those nights I could not sleep?" ~ Sharon A.

- "Heavenly... Shall we do 2.5 hours next time? ~ Katie M. (After an 80-minute massage and a 120-minute massage in two days)

- "Sakura is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She takes the time to talk to you and understand where the problem areas are and tells you what she's going to do to remedy it. I go in hurting and leave feeling great!  She's a very sweet and caring person and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her." Robert H., Lakewood, CA

- "I've known Sakura for a few years.  She's amazing in many ways.  She is so kind as a person always thinking of ways to help people.  She has so many tools/techniques to get the results I wanted. Her attention to details and how she cares about you as a whole person, not just the muscles speaks volume in how great she is as a holistic therapist.  She is always curious and studying something new or improving what she does great already.  I enjoy her sessions so much every time I receive it.  I am sure you'll love her!" ~ Chikako S., Chula Vista, CA


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- "My Hair Stylist told me to come into Medusa Full Service Salon to try the Healing Energy & Body Works Massages by Sakura. I was hesitant at first because I never thought a Beauty Salon could compare to a Spa Massage.... Well I was wrong!!!!!!!  Sakura took me into her massage room in the back of Medusa Salon and set me up on the massage bed where she asked how she could help me.  I explained to her that for months I've been having chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain just on the left side of my body.  She quickly looked at my back and then began to tell me about some of the different techniques she could use that would improve my condition, Geo-Thermal therapy (which is heated basalt stones), Cupping therapy (which are cups that lift your skin and loosen your muscles) and even CranioSacral therapy (which she gave me a sample of and I almost passed out).  I went with the Cupping and Geo-Thermal therapies and was originally only signed up for a 30 min massage for $45 but as you will find out once you are under the spell of the combination Geo-Thermal stones and the Cupping, you will add as much time as you can.  I bumped mine up to 60min for $85.  I know what you are all thinking "I get my massages for $40 dollars an hour" blah blah well Anyone can rub your back and charge you $40.  Sakura uses her many years of knowledge to carefully assess your aliments to bring you back to a balanced state.  I am writing this review the following day so I could really feel what she has done and I can honestly say she has done more in 1 hour than all the Doctor's and Chiro's have over the past few years.  I will be setting up another appointment sooner rather than later so that I can maintain this positive feeling.  Thank you Sakura and Medusa Salon for truly caring about the clientele that walk in and out of your doors, its very refreshing." ~ Joey B., Huntington Beach, CA

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